Move Maker Collection

Move Make!

Move  Maker Collection was established in 2018
It was Created by Gerry C. Bethel Jr & Jennifer S. Spencer.
We wanted to create a Brand that's not only Fasionable but Inovative something Unparalleled , something,Unprecedented something...Exclusive. Every piece of clothing in our store is made to order from scratch but there's a catch, when you see something you like you may not  want to wait to long to place your order, confused? let us explain the very thing that sets MMC apart from other brands is simple "Rarity" for instance, lets say we design a shirt but only 5 (five) shirts are going to go into production once the 5th (fifth) customer orders the 5th shirt thats it nomore will be made ever again. So when people ask "where did you get that shirt" you can say only 5 of them were made in the world.  We give people  a Piece of Mind a chance to have something that's Exclusive to a select few, So welcome to Thee Move Maker Collection

where you see it, you like it, you get it

before its too late.

Its who you are!